where you fit in the church

Ever wonder where you fit in the church?

Picture this: the APOSTLES and PROPHETS as Pillars, alternating in relationship with each other; in excellent dialogue. These two gifts to the body of Christ serve by keeping their eye on the ball—the Apostle a savvy political bridge builder, providing astute oversight; the Prophet a lonely plumb line, embodying the Spirit’s cry for holiness.

Between the pillars are open-air walls—very porous. People are free to come and go. But sensitive PASTORS will be found in the middle, on the ground, where believers gather to be encouraged and grow strong.

Standing next to the pillars, at the gateways, are trusty TEACHERS. They bring knowledge, coherent doctrine, solid programming to the mix. This is essential as good teaching is formational, keeping Christ at the centre.

On the outskirts are the radical EVANGELISTS. They risk to turn people’s day-to-day thoughts towards God; asking timely questions and pointing to Christ as the eternal Answer, but leaving it to the Teachers to expound and the Pastors to encourage and care. And the Prophets to call for holiness and Apostles to tie it together—making us One.

Each Gift Serves the Body in its own way, prayerfully, scripturally and faithfully. (Thank You, Ephesians 5)


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