What we might Really Fear

Assuming we all feel fear at some point; I wonder if it ISN’T fear of failing we worry about, because that would mean we were at least trying, which is something to smile about. Rather, we may fear being exposed as someone who has already failed. In other words, we don’t fear failing as much as being found a failure. Past failures we haven’t yet resolved, come to terms with, forgiven ourselves for, let go—tell us we are a Failure. Yikes. Of course we don’t want word to get out, to be exposed, found wanting. It’s the Past we fear; not the Future. The noun, not the verb.

Here’s to making peace with Past failures so we can try and try again. Because Trying (and possibly failing) is nothing to fear, but exposure is. This is probably why the Bible counsels us to bring everything into the Light; to be seen plainly. Here, we find there’s no place to hide because there is no reason to hide. Here ALL can be made well.

In the light of God’s love and forgiveness, understanding and redemption, we have more than a second chance. Every reason to try again—to risk failing, again. And every reason to believe in our New Day Success.

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