Trust is Valuable

TRUST, once lost, is hard to regain.

This is because BUILDING TRUST happens naturally, over time. It’s like gathering money little by little and watching it grow. We reap the rewards and think nothing of it. Being able to trust the people and have them trust us in return is a sweet, solid, rich way to live.

Female hand holding piggy bank. Save money and financial investment

BUT LOSING TRUST is different. We don’t lose trust over time; it happens in one fell swoop! It’s like a market-crash, a run on the bank, a house fire. If these examples seem too dire or dramatic, then you’ve not felt the full impact of what it means to LOSE TRUST in someone, or to have them lose trust in you. It is truly devastating.


This means REGAINING TRUST takes work. Takes time, and lots of it. We need to back way up and figure out where things went wrong. And why.


Ideally this gives us perspective and insight into how REBUILD WHAT WAS LOST. To make a game plan and commit to following through, starting by sharing our desire to REBUILD. And being willing to have the other person stay cold for as long it takes to warm their heart and turn it back towards us. They need to know we are FOR THEM. And they need to see it PROVED.

In the end, commitment is not complicated. But neither is it something we can take a casual approach to, when and if we happen to lose trust, or have someone lose it in us.


TRUST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in a healthy, working, growing relationship.


When it’s lost, all is potentially lost. It is devastating. Dire. And often dramatic. That’s why a money-example can be helpful; it’s just like TURNING Bad Credit into Good. IT CAN BE DONE and is done, every day of the week.

Wherever you see happy, wholesome relationship, you can be sure they have money in the bank; I mean TRUST BUILT UP BETWEEN THEM. Both being sweet, solid assets to have and HOLD.



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