The Power of Authentic Storytelling

Faithful, you have travelled far. Discovered the Pitfalls. Pressed on. This course is about going even deeper into your STORY WITH GOD. Picking up the thread of your SPIRITUAL VOCATION that runs through it all. Roping into Revelation. Owning your voice and finishing well, with friends onside to cheer you. This is the POWER OF AUTHENTIC STORYTELLING.

This refreshing, new 2-hour course includes: Nine Talks, plus Hand-outs to make it your own.

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When we speak from our core, we seek to communicate authentically. We share who we are. This is a powerful point of connection with our listener. A relationship and community builder. Becoming aware of the THREE CORE QUESTIONS that shape us (and our stories), is essential to living out our stories; owning them, and navigating the world of storytelling and idea-sharing with ease.

This course explores these questions and the five spiritual lenses we experience them through. These FIVE SPIRITUAL LENSES align with our God-given gifts as found in the book of Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 11. How these lenses affect and inform all of our communication, and how we deal with conflict, burnout and other seasons of life is the lion’s share of this course.

Whether you speak from the stage, page, pulpit or in front of a fire with friends, this course is about going deeper. About taking hold of the good things God has put in. And discovering the peace that comes with living, talking and listening (e.g. storytelling) on a more soulful level, authentic to us.


More than TWO HOURS of material, presented in NINE VIDEO SESSIONS, including HAND-OUTS

  • INTRODUCTION – Click HERE for free sample of Introductory Video
  • SESSION ONE – Storytelling, 3 Core Questions PLUS Hand-out, 6 pages
  • SESSION TWO – Perspective: 5 Spiritual Lenses PLUS Hand-out, 7 pages
  • SESSION THREE – Purpose: a Spiritual Kaleidoscope PLUS Hand-out, 6 pages
  • SESSION FOUR – My Story: the objects embedded in our lives
  • SESSION FIVE – The Communication Tools we really own PLUS Hand-out, 11 pages
  • SESSION SIX – Conflict: the Pea under the Mattress PLUS Hand-out, 11 pages
  • SESSION SEVEN – The Seasons of Life (and how to adjust accordingly)
  • SESSION EIGHT – Burnout: a Season to Pause, with an invitation to take stock, renew
  • SESSION NINE – Revising our Story, making peace

A lover of language and the power of words, I have been a professional writer, speaker, poet and core-communications consultant for 25 years. My formal background is in Political Philosophy (BA), Journalism Arts (JA) and Theology (various seminary courses), with a focus on spiritual formation. I also enjoy facilitating creative connections between people. The ideas explored in this course have received enthusiastic responses in workshop and retreat settings. I’m excited to share them here, as we dig ever deeper. I trust they will be a blessing to you, as they have been to me.


Art-Credits: Photos by Gio Mazzuca; Featured Artwork by Leokadia Alexander; Music by Bensound


$129 CAN. This is a one-time payment and gives you access to the whole course, to delve into at your leisure: Nine Video Sessions plus valuable Hand-outs. Use on your own, or with a group. Great for personal growth, professional development or as a unique spiritual retreat lead. See link below to Sign Up now.

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Feedback from Past Workshop Participants

“Dayna Mazzuca is a gentle discerning mentor.”

“Novel and insightful ideas.”

“Interesting perspectives… inspirational.”

“Not what I expected, but a delightful surprise.”

“Brilliant! Intriguing and helpful.”

“Ahhh! This was so good!!! I was totally excited, very revelatory! I want MORE.”

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