5 Ways People Read the World

There are 5 Ways People Read the World (and what you write!). There is the Scholar, the Social Connector, Change Agent, the Adventurer and Mystic. Each one has a particular slant on the world, which affects how and what and why they read. As you learn which type of reader suits your type of writing, you’ll learn to speak their language, meet their needs and even tap into their heartfelt desires and drivers. In other words, your words will have greater impact on the people they are intended to reach.

HERE are the FIVES TYPES and how, what and why they READ:

THE SCHOLAR says, “Prove it.”

  • loves to learn
  • up-to-date about area of interest
  • wants to build and grow the world of knowledge
  • Asks: “Is it trustworthy?”
  • reads through lens of interconnectivity
  • facts don’t have to be new, if slant is fresh
  • hates repetition
  • has a formidable spirit
  • a reliable and effective Teacher

If the Scholar is Your Reader, you are a natural researcher, hound for detail, storyteller and student of life. You can write in bullet form, but prefer the leisure of a well-crafted article or a deeply researched book. You leave way more out of your writing than you put in. There is depth behind what you do select to share with others (if they are listening to hear it). Your audience is select, but generally appreciative.

THE SOCIAL CONNECTOR says, “Make it Personal.”

  • peoples’ names and stories top the list
  • talk equals love and connection
  • the more dialogue the better
  • Asks: “Who’s involved?”
  • views the world through a lens of familiarity and inclusivity
  • expects the writer to speak from a place within the crowd
  • facts can be embellished because people are the real story
  • loves photos (of people)
  • lives in the moment (past or present)
  • never underestimate the power of a Social Connector

If the Social Connector is Your Reader, you love to chat with people and often overlap their tale with your own. You find stories, drama and colour wherever you go, and have a talent for bringing happiness home. You take time to tell a story and are willing to go on tangents to help others see the connections, dimensions and layers of an otherwise ordinary event. You are a multitask-writer and project person!

THE CHANGE AGENT says, “Share the Passion.”

  • driven by purpose, on a mission
  • seeks understanding with real-world application
  • sees the world through an action-oriented lens
  • reading has a purpose
  • Asks: “What’s the point?”
  • not overly interested in character-driven stories or chatty commentary
  • inspiration is her daily bread
  • open to big ideas
  • there is a right and a wrong side to every issue
  • do not “show” – tell
  • responds to compelling urgency and priority

If the Change Agent is Your Reader then your writing tends to be jam-packed with important one-liners. You are an original that appreciates the work of others, but is often out-front with an eye on how things can be done better. Because time is short. You can write long or short and to any crowd that is gathered. You are always keen to share what you write—and the faster you can do that, the better. Blogs are your friend.

THE ADVENTURER says, “Show me the Practical.”

  • caught up in the action
  • seeks to master and experience their own world
  • demanding reader with little patience for clunky writing
  • the higher the odds, the better the story
  • wants to climb mountains or canoe the wilderness
  • knows all about surviving cancer and rescuing a marriage
  • at home with success and survival
  • Asks: “How does it work?”
  • writing must be highly believably
  • details must be selective—never bore an Adventurer
  • sees the world through an immersive, hands-on lens

If the Adventurer is Your Reader you write from a place of deep-seated desire. You are cool-headed, but warmhearted (not sentimental, but deeply passionate). You care. Successful outcomes are important in your writing because it’s the different between life and death in many cases. There is a critical nature to your writing, which is why you’re selective with details and discerning in what you read and write about. Your material is always bold, yet not brash. You are intimate with matters of the heart. You know its desire to thrive.

THE MYSTIC says, “Be Prophetic.”

  • listens for what the Spirit is saying
  • immersive (internal) experience
  • wants to discern and explore the world beyond or within.
  • Asks: “What does it mean?”
  • a slow reader, digests to grow
  • reflective
  • atmosphere is everything
  • doesn’t take time to read widely, prefers to focus and drill down
  • needs to hear something that deeply resonates
  • views world through lens of spiritual alignment
  • values revelation (vs. facts, description or narrative)
  • writing should have a ring of authenticity
  • writer must speak from experience and with faith
  • do not toy with a Mystic

If the Mystic is Your Reader, then you write from a place of hard-won truth. You own your material. You do not guess, or research or ask others their opinion. You know what you know, although you share in fear and trembling. But once you’ve crafted a piece, you’re confident it will have a life and destiny of its own. The page, for you is not a means to an end. It is an act of worship.

After reading this list – hopefully you can IDENTIFY AND TARGET YOUR TYPE OF READER. This type of profiling goes beyond marketing and sales, this is about reaching the heart of another person—someone who reads the world the same way you do. This is about making Your Writing the Best it can be for Your Reader. Don’t try and be all things to all readers. Narrow it down. Focus. And experience the power of on-target, impactful writing.


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