From the School of Catalogues

Theology: the study of God Philosophy: reflecting on humanity Science: inquiring into nature Work: energy with purpose, including fighting chaos with catalogues Poetry: the love of sunsets and mystery of innocence Stories: what we tell our friends Hope: the ability to find what’s important to us Joy: and arrange our lives accordingly, unmoved by insurmountableContinue reading “From the School of Catalogues”

The Lesson of the Goblet

At the goblet’s base are stable habits to help the soul gather burdens together in one place, perhaps, one day, to be weighed, compounded as a single trait— endurance. Along the slender stem runs the stretching work, the call to serve, care for others in a way that doesn’t alienate, but extends, expands the placeContinue reading “The Lesson of the Goblet”

Irish Hills

The life of the soul is not linear but topographical— time does not pass, it mounts contours mimic visages, memories of people and places that belong to the one who says, “This is my land,” I know how it was formed, which rivers are navigable, where the crossings are— how long it takes to getContinue reading “Irish Hills”

Between the trees I see

There’s an inner life that gives shape to my exterior, prompting me to carve out time spent quietly in a soothing tree-rich nature sanctuary, full of paths that loop back, ensure you don’t get lost in anything other than thought; help you dwell on what you came for, what is essential, worth the retreat. thisContinue reading “Between the trees I see”

the way our soul learns

solitude: time alone with God long enough to sense his presence, his nearness; to grow in the certainty that he is with us and for us, always and into forever silence: space to notice what we hear when no one else is competing for our attention and allegiance, who and what really calls our name,Continue reading “the way our soul learns”