Success is Personal

Success is personal.

According to the nature of things, in childhood we need to know we’re loved and cared-for. If this cup is full; if we know we matter (very much) to someone in particular, then we move on with success. We enter adulthood looking forward to vocational effectiveness, becoming a valued contributor to something larger. If this vocational cup is filled—if we succeed as participants in society—we move into our later years confident of leaving a legacy, something of worth for generations yet unnamed.

Basically, these are the three success-markers in life. 1. We need to know we’re loved. 2. That we have something to offer. 3. That we’re leaving something behind.

At heart, all three have to do with goodness, giving, knowing and being known. These are spiritual, relational and personal qualities. Success (or lack thereof), at each stage, affects us on a deeply personal level.

Most likely, you, personally, have power to fill someone’s cup. And allow others to fill yours. If you lack, prayerfully ask God to meet your need, however deep. God is good. What He gives is not based on human merit, but on the dead-honest cry of our heart.

On the cry of our heart. To bless & be blessed (AKA succeed).


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