Status Quo says, “I’m done.”

“I’m done,” said my friend last week. “I’m done,” said another the week before. And another the week before that. The line is long. People are coming to the end of their resources, their willingness to go on. “I’m done,” is the word of the day.

and yet, if they’re reaching the same conclusion, chances are they’re experiencing the same problem: living lives that drain them dry, without pausing to replenish often enough or long enough

from money to real estate to technology—people are evaluating what’s important, what’s worth their time and (fast-depleting) energy

they’re discovering: making room for people, pleasures and pauses often means taking out the stuff that leaves us feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated and disconnected

the life of the heart and soul cannot thrive in a climate of constant distraction and ceaseless demands that destroys unity, peace and joy

from the Slow Food Movement to leisurely conversations around the fire pit this summer; to tea ceremonies and bannock baking; knitting-bombing and tandem bike rides; to canoe rentals and flower gardens, there seems to be a trend towards better food, closer relationships, simpler commutes and meaningful retreats

this is good news

the more spiritually-thoughtful an approach to life a society takes, the less stress it seems to experience relationally and emotionally

to build a house upon the rock means the rock needs be bigger than the house—to spend more time pursuing God and love and truth and less time chasing stuff and status and stimuli

When someone says, “I’m done,” they don’t mean they’re done living this great life, doing the things they love to do, or loving the people who reciprocate and respect. They mean they’re done with the stuff that robs them of their vitality—their essence—their worth

we are meant for more, and we know it

those who find their lives, the bible says, are bound to lose them, while those who lose them are gifted to find them—this is a great paradox

LIVE THE PARADOX because Status Quo is Done.





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