Don’t Solve the Problem Too Quickly

Don’t solve the problem too quickly. Give it time to speak and do its job. If you really hear it out, it has potential to reveal hidden fault lines, future pain points. Probe its origin and depth. Problems come from somewhere; this may be somewhere you care about and need to understand better.

When heard and understood, problems that are respectfully resolved (rather than hastily solved) can take you forward, through to the other side, into a more spacious and grace-filled place.

ProblemSolving should not be one word; resist the urge to micro-manage and take time to frame issues that crop up as opportunities to go deeper.

Doing better work often requires more thinking time, which, I believe, we can afford more than we realize. Take time to think it through. Allow problems to speak in a more meaningful, even heartfelt way. Endure the awkwardness, tears and frustration. You may be amazed at what comes—and where it leads you.

Problems have potential. Let them speak.

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