Don’t let Failure keep you Down

We feel failure where it hurts most: our ego. It can rob us of our confidence and even our hope; prevent us from moving forward, getting up and trying again. We feel failure in so many ways; and if we feel it often enough it can become all we feel… until we feel like a… Failure. Yikes.

Most of us have been there. Failure (and fear of failure) seems universal, human.

But failure is not our true home. It is NOT meant to be where we live, where we land, or who and what we become. Absolutely not.

Kite on Ground

We are made to SOAR. This reset might not always show up in the way we’d like, in the material or even the relational plane. It might only be proven in the unseen realm; we might only prove a true success in God’s sight, but, at the end of the day, isn’t that enough? If we are faithful to our core, true to the One who made us, then we will come again to know we made for greatness, to GIVE OUR ALL, even if and when we’re down for the count.


Don’t let FAILURE win. Fight back. Do not give it the last word. It doesn’t deserve it and hasn’t earned it.


Instead, let the painful, dreadful experience of failure be the supernatural, overcoming bedrock of your COMEBACK. The place you hit bottom and rise up from, if only because you refuse to stay down.

Resolving to meet failure head-on and not give it the last word can change the way you go forward; it can lend a note of real humility to your life; give you a renewed ability to relate to others who have fallen and felt it—like a kite tipped from the sky, mocked and torn by contemptuous birds of easy prey.


It may help to know, despite all the pressure we face to perform error-free & always measure up to someone else’s standard, FAILURE IS NOT A SIN; in fact it’s often necessary to our spiritual growth as people of humility, grace and understanding.


There is no shame in failing, messing up or falling short. Zero Shame. Yes, there is a nagging sense of feeling deflated, of risking coming undone and letting everyone down in a big way. Of letting rips and tears be the dominant theme of your life. BUT this can only happen if you let it.

Because the TRUTH IS: we are meant to soar long and high. To dip down deep and wide. And to sweep back up to the heavens again. To know love and joy; forgiveness and forgetfulness.

 Don’t let failure win.



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