Deep Listening

DEEP LISTENING, learning to pay attention to what’s being said, is key critical because Relationships shape who we are; influence our decisions and impact our destiny. They’re important. Whether we’re listening to people around us, or the compelling voice of God, or simple sounds of nature and beauty, it’s good to tune in to deeper messages being communicated. To ride out our discomfort.

Because much of what we really hear—when we pause to really hear—is an affirmation of our interconnectedness. We see this in the reaction of someone who feels heard. Tears are common, smiles of relief inevitable. We know this to be our own response to feeling heard. It satisfies our soul-need to be loved, when we are heard. Really heard.

In conversational communion with God, nature and others —and within our own inner dialogue of the heart—there is much to hear; much to find that is good, even holy.

If it feels scary, to tap into what someone or something is really saying, you may be on the verge of something transformational, even sacred. Take courage.

Deep Listening takes us to deep places. It is worth the journey.

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