WELCOME TO MY BOOK PAGE.  I write on the SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, the SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES, and ALIGNING WITH OUR GOD-GIVEN SPIRITUAL GIFT.  As a poet, speaker and author, my books have companion workshops and retreats on offer. Let me know if you’d like to talk about that; otherwise, enjoy. 

This book explores the blessing of living, working, and serving fully aligned with our spiritual gift, as found in Ephesians 4:11. If you would like to know more about the way you communicate, from your core, the way you approach problems, from your strength and what God-given purpose you seek to fulfill, naturally, this book is the one to read. Available on Amazon.

Fresh insights into the five spiritual gifts as found in Ephesians 4:11 and how they apply to our life, work, and service.

A book of poems about walking through pain, grief and loss; finding the joy, remembering to be real because God knows the depth of who we are
and longs to give Roses in our season called Winter.

poetry to bless the heart

A book of poems on seven of the Spiritual Disciplines: Solitude, Silence, Contemplation, Forgiveness, Presence, Vocational Alignment, and Sabbath-Rest. My book 5 Navigators explores the discipline of Vocational Alignment in-depth.

poetry to point the way

This is my 8th book of poems and explores the blessing of resolution, acceptance and spiritual maturity (aka a grace-filled outlook on life, love, and age).

poetry to affirm how far we’ve come

Poems that are: Simple. Direct. Felt. This book is an invitation to do all three: be simple. Hear directly what the Lord might be speaking to your heart.
Feel it and live into it: do not fear the ‘ouch.’

poetry to sooth, embolden

This book of poems follows the three stages of the spiritual journey: the vision (Jacob’s Dream), the wrestling with it to make it our own, and the peace–the incredible peace–that follows hard on the heels of those who seek to follow God.

poetry to go deeper

This is a meditative book of poems; clean, thoughtful, and honest.
It is meant to be a quiet thing.

poetry to grow quiet

A book of poems that come from a place of being still, sitting quietly, daring to ask questions that may reveal things I didn’t know before; these poems are not as straightforward as my more recent work, but there is a feel to them I really like.

poems to ponder, take notice

Write to be Read, Speak to be Heard: a communication guide to the five filters is a precursor to my latest: 5 Navigators, aligning with our God-given spiritual gift. Both books are about the spiritual gifts found in Ephesians 4:11 and how they shape the way we communicate. This book, Write to be Read, is for anyone wanting to take their professional or vocational role as writer, host, or speaker to the next level, in terms of being in greater alignment with their spiritual gift.

Teachers are the Scholars in our midst, the resident experts on their subject. Pastors are Social Connectors who love to foster community through storytelling. Evangelists are Change Agents, always on mission. Apostles are Adventurers/Guides. And Prophets are Mystics, very poetic. Each one has their OWN WAY of communicating. A great little book to have on hand if you’re wanting to go deeper with your Ideal Audience.



My STAND-ALONE POETRY is published in: Crux, Alive Now, Presence Journal, Weavings, Island Writer, Prairie Journal, Prairie Messenger, Listen (SDI) and Transition Mental Health Journal among others.

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