Abbey on a Hill

concrete building

Here in the Abbey on a hill,

monks value words

enough to disuse, eschew excess

when hand gestures, eye contact,

connective silence

will do.

It is a very calm way of speaking,

fosters a healing atmosphere

for people seeking


they can hardly say

may soothe.

Anytime I’ve been able to visit dedicated holy places, there’s a sense of having arrived on a variation on social protocol. You are literally asked to grow quiet, without anyone saying anything. It is one of the most beautiful invitations. I love the Silence that seems to suit and surround the Holy.

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Singular Focus

photo of white and purple painting

ten thousand words

thirty-thousand images

a million names, sensory overload

shut down—

can silence save us?

There is a time to grow SILENT. To allow the images and sensory overload that is life in the digital age fade into the background, to take second place, to wait.

There is a time to grow SILENT. To focus on the meaning and texture of a moment. A singular moment in your life. Your precious, holy life.

There is a time to grow SILENT. To hear what God might be speaking. And to respond. As YOURSELF. In perfect, amazing, incomparable SILENCE.

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Enjoy the Silence.


person holding red strawberry

I watch her walk out to the garden,

smiling, with hat in hand—

bend down to touch the flowers, mark progress.

Early strawberries peek through, nod

on slender coils, proving soil,

tended, can be good, even noble.

Bear fruit.

Good fruit comes from good soil. Our RECEPTIVITY to all the good things God has poured into us over the years, matters. It adds up. We do and will bear good fruit. And there is a real sense of perfection, of completion, of satisfaction in this. Watch for it. Tend it. Be open to it.

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Filled Before Giving

selective focus photography of child s hand

At first light, I seek solitude, curl up with my Bible—

in a corner of the sofa, pause

to pray, journal.

I must appear cozy, here in front of the fireplace,

apparently lounging. But my family

knows not to disturb me

(for anything).

There is a need for solitude

before solicitude.

Giving and Receiving. Or is it receiving and then giving out from that place we have received from? There are tangibles and intangibles we give to each other, and that we need from each other, and from the Lord. Often these times of intimacy occur deep in our souls in times of solitude, in time spent seeking the Father Heart of God our Maker and Sustainer. He is the one who ultimately fills us up. And we see this everywhere we look, in the most basic of human relationships mirrored. The child that receives from his or her father, gives, easily, naturally, even eagerly, back to others. Back to the world! Because they HAVE lots to give. And the Bible says this is how it’s meant to be; that earthly fathers give good gifts to their children, and so we can expect our heavenly Father to bless us, to fill us up, to expect good things to come from us, naturally flowing from a heart-life that is fill to overflowing.

Of course this does not always happen for us, there are ways we go about half-full on a daily basis. Everywhere you look, you meet someone in need of the father’s blessing, earthly love, refilling. And so it does us well to get alone with the Lord, our Heavenly Father. To be filled. To give out. To receive the blessing, and to bless. “Thy Kingdom Come,” we pray.

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The Authority behind the Anointing

person riding kayak

God’s authority in spiritual realms

discerned in solitude; leaves us free

to walk humbly, ambassadors

in company, at our ease, with the


Our weapons never carnal.

There’s something we pick up on in SOLITUDE that leads us into higher realms of spiritual effectiveness and discernment, back at base, when push might come to shove in less than idyllic ways. Time spent alone gives us the confidence, our power lies elsewhere. We can be strong. We can be patient. We can take time out to discern the direction the Lord would have us take. We can pause to pray. This is what time spent alone tells us. And this is why people who take time for SOLITUDE do not get easily rattled in the battle of life, far from such peace as this picture represents, even promises, and, I believe, delivers.

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