nature summer yellow animal

A complicated emotion can serve good ends and bad,

reveal the truth of who we are and what

we must have to go on, declare

our refusal to surrender,

even signal our strength, passion

for life, or

it can crowd the space between us

until no one can think straight, only react,

fight back, turning a small thing

into an end-of-the-world scenario.

This poem appears in my new book ROSES IN WINTER.

Do you want to get well?

opened door

He had spent a lifetime, it seemed,

in and out of hospitals, but mostly in. The halls

his normal walking route. The Great Room his Getaway.

The windows opaque, used now as mirrors

for when the nurses came in to change the bandages

and he watched over their shoulder while

lying on his side, thinking for all that might be outside

the window, these walls, the gray Hospital—

it would never be as simple, delineated as his life

as Patient. Did he want to get well?

What a question.

This poem appears in my new book ROSES IN WINTER. Available for sale on Amazon & at my Bookstall.