Beautiful when it works

woman wearing silver colored solitaire ring holding person s arm

Marriage is

a tightrope walk

between saying too much

and controlling someone else’s action

or ensuring their inaction—

and not saying enough,

leaving the other person to find their way,

fumble through, guess where you might be coming

from, or what you’re planning to do next—

marriage is like that, a delicate dance

between the over-stated and unspoken,

each person needing core

strength to stay


to know what they’re about

and recall, in tense moments,

what drew them up here,

the dream that inspired

them each

to fly

towards the other.

Marriage is worth the effort, the prayers, the needs met in ways that respect where both people are at; when it works, it’s beautiful – a GREAT GIFT – but when it doesn’t, it’s worth taking stock, stepping back and figuring out WHY, and risking a small nudge in the right direction, while realizing it’s a delicate balancing act that requires agility and fortitude in equal measure: fluidity and rock-solidness – you get the idea; it’s a coupling, and it’s beautiful when it works! So, here’s to making it work, this gift we’ve been given.

This poem appears in my book Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.

Poetry is one of those wonder-filled ways we connect with our inner life, and seek to bring it more and more into the light of God’s goodness and grace towards us.

Hard to Spot

brown owl butterfly

Like a stick bug,

blowing in the breeze to mimic wind in the trees,

taking on the tone of its surroundings—it can disappear,

hide away, fail to be seen.

Like a butterfly with big, round spots on its wings

disguised scary eyes that signal ‘Go Away’—

it will do anything to confuse predators,

save the day.


unforgiveness can deceive.

There is a time to forgive. To give each other the GIFT of freedom from past grudges held, from concealed resentment and anger. There is a time to come out in the open with how we’re feeling and what’s happening behind the scenes; with the games we play to say everything’s okay, go away. There is power in allowing grace to sooth, reveal. This poem appears in my latest book, Longings of the Soul.

Here’s to more POETRY in the world!

Unsteady Alliances

two white concrete statues covered by dust

fear, shame and guilt

              are held so much in common

              we don’t even question, try to name

              the encounter

              cloaked blithe, unaware

fear, shame and guilt

are not bandits hiding

behind rocks on medieval byways, but people

we meet every day, walking under a weight

our Saviour came to take

the Holy Spirit—the Fear of God—in truth

putting his finger on it, to heal,

guide and shelter

not aid and abet, cover up

There are things we battle with and against. And some of those we aren’t even aware of, like the role of fear, shame and guilt. These three can rob us of our often-hidden, but true identity as the beloved children of God who have nothing to fear; who have “no condemnation” in their identity in Christ and no remaining guilt once washed and set free.

This poem on walking in the light of forgiveness that is ours through Christ’s atoning work on the cross; that was done for Man, not the angelic realm, but for those of us here on earth, battling with who knows what, appears in my book, “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.” Available on Amazon. I hope you have time to pick it up and read it; and be blessed inside and out.

Grant Pardon

woman in brown coat standing on snow covered ground

To walk away from a betrayal

(the knife still hot in your back)

is not natural. We are made to be enemies

with our enemies. So, what is this

about loving those who

hurt us—

disarming them with willingness

to work it out, and if not,

walk away, wounded, yes, but bearing nothing

permanent or fatal, in the wake

of forgiveness that does its work, regardless

who shows up to take


Intimacy requires a close working out of the details that come between us. And this is not easy, and can be a lonely road to travel if there are less than two people willing to get to the root of significant problem or trouble spot. But honesty is the only solid ground to build a life on, even as the door remains wide open to anyone willing to get honest and draw the knives out from the spot they went in, where necessary. Either way, it is a sign of strength to forgive and seek forgiveness when love is on the line.

This poem appears in my new book, “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.” Available on Amazon.

Here’s to more POETRY in the world.

Holding Together

anonymous woman admiring wavy blue sea during trip at sundown

He valued her, his treasure,

above everything under heaven. His living

breathing link to the heart of love,

he would never think to jettison the weight,

even when her demands for more of him

became impossible. He would sink

to the bottom of the ocean

before parting with her—and made sure

she knew it.

When the trouble hit, they were found

bailing, bailing together—

against all the odds,

surviving the storm that took out,

divided others.

There are storms. We survive with the help of great love and growing commitment to the cause of the life within us, a life that’s often made up of the people closest to us, the ones we tend to take for granted, consider jettisoning, when the storms hit hard. It’s then (now?) we need grow strong, discover who we are to each other.

This poem appears in my book on the spiritual disciplines that often serve to see us through the storms of life, to hold us together when we are sorely falling apart, or so it would seem. The book is called “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.”