poetry guides us to the gentle heart at centre–

where God hosts our stories, queries

into what he might mean when he writes:

deep calls to deep

here, in the desert tent where he made his home

the years before the formal temple

held his glory-seat, there is a law–

trust only one who’s gentle, as a guide

to the centre of your heart

all things, even guides, poetry in the desert,

being partial in the time of waiting, while we

plait our will with the Holy–

bid him come, reside

THIS POEM APPEARS IN MY BOOK “Outside the Fairy Tale”
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The journey to the centre of our story with God is not a straight line, from A to B. It’s a long and winding road. So, we need pace ourselves. To know when to press in, and when to take time to pause & reflect. To discover what it means to walk with the Holy.


the woman, unimagined, at your feet kneels

and wets your skin with her tears,

still warm, like kisses

with no strings

attached, thanking you for her freedom–

the claim they had on her, the guests round the table,

dissolves in the wake of the look, un-searching, you give

no strings attached

THIS POEM APPEARS IN MY BOOK “Outside the Fairy Tale”
Available on Amazon

The freedom that comes with forgiveness is life-changing. It’s the exact opposite of the withering effect of condemnation, or the misplaced judgment of a community. Forgiveness takes us in. Acknowledges our worth. Restores our dignity. Speaks a word of peace and security to our souls. Details fade into the background as the face of God fills the frame, and he speaks our name, with love.

things we can’t say

in silence if broken

I hear only one scream and no one

to blame and so listen

with both ears, heart arrested,

I sense if I am this far gone, to use up the silence

to scream, then I must need to be heard

when no one is listening and so I crave

the silence–

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Words jumble in our heads when we can’t speak them out loud, unravel the threads. Uncrumple the feelings that get trapped inside. This can add a lot of pressure to our lives. I believe God would have us be heard. Speak freely one to the other, without fear.


prayer falls from my heart

into your lap

and you gather up the words spilt,

lifting each one to your lips

as if it was a thin, precious wafer

not a crumb falls to the floor

and no dogs bark, begging

there is only the hum between us,

two hearts–


THIS POEM APPEARS IN MY BOOK “Outside the Fairy Tale”
Available on Amazon

This Celtic cross on the isle of Iona is a powerful reminder of those who have gone before us and will come after us. May they find us faithful to the voice, call and love of God in our lives. A deep good often fostered by soulful conversation. By times of sharing & simply caring.

Photo by Dayna Mazzuca