I love to walk

A walk through woods like these might not be out your front door. This photo was taken when we lived on BC’s West Coast with friends who also loved to walk, talk and be outside to feel closer to nature, to God and more in touch with themselves and their families. I miss these times, and trees so much bigger than me. There are few things as refreshing and vitalizing to my soul as a good walk through beauty God made.


Rounding the Rowboat

Where will you go in the New Year? What waters await you and your small vessel, the part of you exposed to the elements through your strong, but vulnerable nature?

If you feel a bit shaky about what lies ahead, know that only those traveling in secure, super-sized ocean liners might not be feeling the same thing. And the Bible says work out your salvation with fear and trembling.

Do not be afraid. You are in excellent hands, and, likely, good condition. Be strong and stay vulnerable. You will get further that way.



If the opinion of others is the foundation of your life, you may never feel as solid as you should. The opinion of Man is shifting sand. But, when the foundation of our thought-life is Jesus Christ, who calls us Beloved and Redeemed, we build on the rock of true love. And that WILL STAND STRONG.

If God is for us, who can, truly, be against us?

FOR MORE, a poem called CHAIN LINKS, on this theme, appears in my book, “Outside the Fairy Tale”

From Summer to Winter, we grow

A bare-boned tree in winter may pale beside one in all its summer glory. But I notice the birds are no less appreciative of finding a place to perch, to take food placed out for them, filtering through the day’s offerings.

Their small movements remind me the Kingdom of God is built on MOVEMENT. On our ability to sift through. To perch. To appreciate what we receive and move on, to give to others in sparker seasons. From summer to winter we grow.

FOR MORE, a poem on this theme, “At the same time,” appears in my book “Outside the Fairy Tale”


When we risk being creative, exploring our more untried side, we are making an effort to see. To bring something to life that wasn’t there before. To help others to see.

This is very life-giving, soul-enriching (and therefore Kingdom Building) process.

Taking time to BE CREATIVE, is taking time to be renewed in our spiritual vision and affirmed in our capabilities to bring home to others that thing God has planted in each one of us; the vision to see, and believe.

FOR MORE, a poem on this theme “Creatives” appears in my book “Outside the Fairy Tale”