Stand-by Art

multicolored abstract painting

Bendy, pliable tubes of paint

rolled up from the bottom, are stored in the open—

in a pile, acrylic, canvas, brushes, water pots

stand next to sketches waiting on

the vision—cave-like muse

to blend the elements of bold contemplation,

with the sweat of inspiration—

the stuff of a masterpiece, or illustration

of what it means to see the world

within, through art.

Art is one of the many means we seek to slow down, to contemplate the other side of life. To pause, grow still, through whatever wholesome medium we choose, is one way we grow and expand our inner life, increasing our spiritual capacity. Come to know God in a deeper way. This is a truth I explore in my new book, “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.”

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photo of a bald eagle flying under the blue sky

I saw them fly,

high, high overhead—

stood still to watch two eagles

circle in finely drawn, yet perfectly visible lines

as if speaking to my heart’s need

to hope in such things—

that divine intimations might be as common

as this.

Regaining our spiritual strength is no small thing. Often it takes waiting on the Lord, for his wind to lift our spirits. To carry us where we need to be. To remind us where we belong.

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Reading My Surroundings

camper van near a lake

travelling far from home, I experience

new sights, sounds, smells—

seek to intuit where I am, spiritually,

identify the juncture

of profound possibility,

opportunity to endow life at home

with greater meaning, a more

prayerful, insightful


far from home I find strength to conquer

immediate, blinding

realities now hardened into preferences

for the familiar

in other words, I venture outside

my comfort zone to expand the horizon of my soul

This weekend I’m hosting a workshop for Inscribe Christian Writer’s Fellowship called “Poetry as Pilgrimage.” It’s about how we travel. Learn to look outwards. Gain inner capacity, by following the path of spiritual disciplines, to go further – into the good things God has in store for those who seek to follow hard after Him.

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Opting Out to Enter In

photo of a turtle underwater

Opting out of what the world validates

as utmost and urgent

paves the way for what, I do not know,


Only that silence

will not compete for status.

There are things that belong to the world of wonder, the realm of peace and the dynamics of prayer and worship, etc., that by their very nature elude the noise, the upset, the greed that would tell us we are less than all we are, when we seek God, and so become ourselves, here, in this QUIET PLACE we call SILENCE. The most natural habitat in the world, for a soul, seeking TO BE – quiet. Undisturbed. Full up on wonder.

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Abbey on a Hill

concrete building

Here in the Abbey on a hill,

monks value words

enough to disuse, eschew excess

when hand gestures, eye contact,

connective silence

will do.

It is a very calm way of speaking,

fosters a healing atmosphere

for people seeking


they can hardly say

may soothe.

Anytime I’ve been able to visit dedicated holy places, there’s a sense of having arrived on a variation on social protocol. You are literally asked to grow quiet, without anyone saying anything. It is one of the most beautiful invitations. I love the Silence that seems to suit and surround the Holy.

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