Braving Simplicity

SAYING NO to the hustle of complexity takes courage, given the pressure to measure progress by solid means (the source of endless conversation/comparison); no one wants to feel left out, and yet… the urge to escape, find freedom, persists among those willing to brave simplicity, live plain THIS POEM is a call to live simply,Continue reading “Braving Simplicity”

Panting like the Deer after Water

you found freedom, rejected the siren call to be all things at once, settled to listen   you found and rose to revel in the current in skies you trusted, like an eagle   you found joy enough to inspire those who need experience heavenly kinship   you found brothers and sisters, family members, thoseContinue reading “Panting like the Deer after Water”

Setting Boundaries

Limiting access to the person I am, as one person, is tough in the face of so many requests, reasons to give from the heart more love, because isn’t that what we’re talking about:               limiting love?               less access to me, by you?               minimizing rather than growing, together? and I’m only one person,Continue reading “Setting Boundaries”

Back Alley Stroll

the alley is lined with pallet composters, filled with this fall’s dumping of flowers and trailing vines; a series of uniform black plastic bins, and ubiquitous overhead wires— this is where we live collectively, and individually monotone garage doors framed with suspect cameras suggest a wealth of items under wraps, despite a hazard of thingsContinue reading “Back Alley Stroll”