the way our soul learns

solitude: time alone with God long enough to sense his presence, his nearness; to grow in the certainty that he is with us and for us, always and into forever silence: space to notice what we hear when no one else is competing for our attention and allegiance, who and what really calls our name,Continue reading “the way our soul learns”

In Sync with the Season

in solitude and silence, close to the fire, listening to crackling kindling, snapped off branches, whole logs burn I contemplate the coming frost— the need to resolve unfinished bits of Fall Winter: the perfect time to make peace the way Jacob made his timely, pressing peace with brother Esau after how many years (?) finallyContinue reading “In Sync with the Season”


time stretches long like a beach in the morning when we get up early to meet what God would show— endless wonders in our path, intricacies of the nautilus, eight-armed creatures that walk when made to swim, shells that stick strong enough to rock to withstand powerful tides, signs of fire, symbols of love wondersContinue reading “Sunrise”