Setting Boundaries

time lapse photography of flowing waterfall

Limiting access to the person I am,

as one person, is tough in the face of so many requests,

reasons to give from the heart more love,

because isn’t that what we’re talking about:              

limiting love?              

less access to me, by you?              

minimizing rather than growing, together?

and I’m only one person, so if I can help,

so be it.

This is my heart: to give from the heart,

more love, to live and grow, together.  

And if someone wants to know why I’m tired,

or feeling burned out, then they can ask                           

someone else because I’m busy,                           

unavailable. And I wish everyone would                                         

stop talking about my need                                         

for better boundaries.   This isn’t about me:

it’s about you, and I want to help                                         

you, not me.  

How simple can that be?

Boundary setting is not easy. But it’s soooo necessary if we’d avoid burn out and the kind of too-tired-to-care failure that is hard to come back from. Ideally, we have a weekly DAY OFF to help set the pace; establish what’s important in the first place, and then allow our smaller “no’s” to fit in to that larger spiritually-sound and life-giving rhythm. I talk more about this in my new book, “Seven Spiritual Disciplines, strength for the journey” if you’d like to check it out on Amazon. Otherwise, hope this finds you well, and feeling good.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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