Promises to Unpack

a man trekking in the forest

There are stories in the Bible

that paint a picture with our name on it.

Timeless narratives help

ground us in the here and now, speak

to us directly.

When Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan’s

dry bed, during flood season—amazing—

to battle for land God promised, and took

an extra 40,000 men who could handle a sword

(but were willing to leave their families and goods

behind, west of the river), it suggests

that when God gives a promise (politically correct

or otherwise, which, of course, today it wouldn’t be),

we will need to invest, battle

for what we are meant,


This poem appears in my latest work of poems called QUIET WATERS. Because there are times we need to dig deep, to unpack what we carry, to figure out where we’re going and who is with us, etc., to get to where we’re going–even in our seasons of wandering.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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