While we were yet sinners…

burning candle with red cross

Simple unconditional love—puppy love some might say.

Relieved, we revel.

Soon we find, this love is strong, like a fortified city.

This is a love willing to, in agony,

atone for the pain in the world, remove

the agony.

Suddenly, the curtain is torn,

miraculously, from top to bottom,

the dead rise. And we fear, in our way,

the darkness of a tomb we do not understand

the meaning of. We wonder if this is where love has led us,

 and prepare to honour the ritual

of burial.

Until Easter. Rejoice.

We are delivered of sorrow; can start a new life,

relieved, fresh each morning.

This poem that celebrates the LIGHT OF LIFE that shone so bright from the tomb that day, on EASTER MORNING, one of the happiest, brightest days of the church calendar-year, appears in my new book called QUIET WATERS. Because Christ’s work is for every day of our lives, our precious lives.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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