To take new ground

woman hanging her clothes

guard what has been gained

by God’s grace,

to overflow into another person’s life,

there must be less false humility, for there to be more,

more of what we prayed—

forgive; be as light as a sheet on the line

wrung free of what weighs us down,

open to the fresh breeze, asking

God for more

love for people who hurt us—

open to reconciliations,

should they come; in the meantime, stay free

value who you are,

blessed and refreshed by the Spirit

of the Living God, who is over

and above us all, even ministering angels, who wait

It’s not possible to say enough about the power of forgiveness to cleanse us from past (or more accurately, present) hurts. Or about the need we all share for this type of fresh air coming into the places that have grown stale, or stiff, feel ill-fitting, irritating… there is a way to shake this all out. A way to take new and holy ground. A way to reconcile. Come to terms. I encourage you to spend time; to go there. And see what God’s fresh wind blows in to those places, in your soul.

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Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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