Beautiful when it works

woman wearing silver colored solitaire ring holding person s arm

Marriage is

a tightrope walk

between saying too much

and controlling someone else’s action

or ensuring their inaction—

and not saying enough,

leaving the other person to find their way,

fumble through, guess where you might be coming

from, or what you’re planning to do next—

marriage is like that, a delicate dance

between the over-stated and unspoken,

each person needing core

strength to stay


to know what they’re about

and recall, in tense moments,

what drew them up here,

the dream that inspired

them each

to fly

towards the other.

Marriage is worth the effort, the prayers, the needs met in ways that respect where both people are at; when it works, it’s beautiful – a GREAT GIFT – but when it doesn’t, it’s worth taking stock, stepping back and figuring out WHY, and risking a small nudge in the right direction, while realizing it’s a delicate balancing act that requires agility and fortitude in equal measure: fluidity and rock-solidness – you get the idea; it’s a coupling, and it’s beautiful when it works! So, here’s to making it work, this gift we’ve been given.

This poem appears in my book Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.

Poetry is one of those wonder-filled ways we connect with our inner life, and seek to bring it more and more into the light of God’s goodness and grace towards us.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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