Unsteady Alliances

two white concrete statues covered by dust

fear, shame and guilt

              are held so much in common

              we don’t even question, try to name

              the encounter

              cloaked blithe, unaware

fear, shame and guilt

are not bandits hiding

behind rocks on medieval byways, but people

we meet every day, walking under a weight

our Saviour came to take

the Holy Spirit—the Fear of God—in truth

putting his finger on it, to heal,

guide and shelter

not aid and abet, cover up

There are things we battle with and against. And some of those we aren’t even aware of, like the role of fear, shame and guilt. These three can rob us of our often-hidden, but true identity as the beloved children of God who have nothing to fear; who have “no condemnation” in their identity in Christ and no remaining guilt once washed and set free.

This poem on walking in the light of forgiveness that is ours through Christ’s atoning work on the cross; that was done for Man, not the angelic realm, but for those of us here on earth, battling with who knows what, appears in my book, “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.” Available on Amazon. I hope you have time to pick it up and read it; and be blessed inside and out.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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