Grant Pardon

woman in brown coat standing on snow covered ground

To walk away from a betrayal

(the knife still hot in your back)

is not natural. We are made to be enemies

with our enemies. So, what is this

about loving those who

hurt us—

disarming them with willingness

to work it out, and if not,

walk away, wounded, yes, but bearing nothing

permanent or fatal, in the wake

of forgiveness that does its work, regardless

who shows up to take


Intimacy requires a close working out of the details that come between us. And this is not easy, and can be a lonely road to travel if there are less than two people willing to get to the root of significant problem or trouble spot. But honesty is the only solid ground to build a life on, even as the door remains wide open to anyone willing to get honest and draw the knives out from the spot they went in, where necessary. Either way, it is a sign of strength to forgive and seek forgiveness when love is on the line.

This poem appears in my new book, “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.” Available on Amazon.

Here’s to more POETRY in the world.

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Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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