Who Can Help?

man standing on riverbank

Conscious of shards of pain

shooting through her body, she grew quiet,

philosophical, from endless walking,

pacing her own perimeter—

saw a bridge in his question,

of how long it might take to make it right

              between them…

she paused, to consider, not the ask

but the age of the bridge, how many people

had stood in this spot before them,

asking the same questions,

feeling the same pain, or was it all personal—

a story to tell from the beginning,

and if so, how would it end? Who could relate,

speak to him and her, fill in the blanks, in this spot

they were in, right now?

There are questions we ask that can only be answered by getting alone and standing honest before the One who made us and knows us, inside and out. The rest is a journey towards that goodness, that light that offers us wholeness, and healing where we need it.

For more on the powerful role of Forgiveness in our relational and spiritual life, check out my books on Amazon. My latest is called “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response,” and speaks to these inner disciplines and their restorative nature.

Here’s to MORE poetry in the world.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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