An Appreciative Eye

person in red jacket standing on bridge near water falls

Thank you for the white, thank you

for green, all the colours, shades between,

thank you for the nuance not quite black—

the times we had to cross

bridges we couldn’t understand,

when we had to trust

to the rail, the frosted pale-pink rail

over the steaming rock-gray river

under a streaked sky

that appeared to be bickering

with itself, about which

hue might suit, as we

decided to settle it ourselves, move on,

together, in touch with the overall tone,

to live sympatico—

thank you for the colours

that fill our senses, renew peace

in each season we might not fully

appreciate, discern the depth

or intent of.

There’s a time to come to terms with the colours, shades and seasons of our life. That time is now. For more on the inner life and coming to a place where we know peace is more real, more lasting than anything else we might know (or have known), you might want to check out my poetry books on Amazon.

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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