Reading My Surroundings

camper van near a lake

travelling far from home, I experience

new sights, sounds, smells—

seek to intuit where I am, spiritually,

identify the juncture

of profound possibility,

opportunity to endow life at home

with greater meaning, a more

prayerful, insightful


far from home I find strength to conquer

immediate, blinding

realities now hardened into preferences

for the familiar

in other words, I venture outside

my comfort zone to expand the horizon of my soul

This weekend I’m hosting a workshop for Inscribe Christian Writer’s Fellowship called “Poetry as Pilgrimage.” It’s about how we travel. Learn to look outwards. Gain inner capacity, by following the path of spiritual disciplines, to go further – into the good things God has in store for those who seek to follow hard after Him.

For MORE on the spiritual disciplines and POETRY AS PILGRIMAGE, check out my books on Amazon, including “Longings of the Soul, a poetic response.” Author Page on Amazon.

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