A Rhythm that Clicks

analog antique blur classic

as far as I know

God is not in a rush—

would love to see us slow down

on the other hand, timing is everything,

making it essential, in solitude, to find a rhythm

that clicks

Not easy to find a way to “manage” our time that feels like we’re not the ones in charge of this all-encompassing thing called TIME. That feels like our movements, micro and macro, interior and exterior, our dovetailing with the larger, holy rhythms of God. And if you’re really battling with TIME, consider turning your back on the world of day-timers, stop-watches and appointment reminders and doing something larger and holier. Consider observing one whole day of rest, of setting aside a portion of the time you’ve been gifted to simply, but profoundly, get alone with God, your Maker, the one who marks and knows all of your days.

Thank You!

Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

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