A Rule to Live By

person on a bridge near a lake

Say, “No.”

If that’s what you need to do.

Even if you’re scared (especially if you’re scared) to say it

—and mean it. Follow through,

the world will continue to spin on its axis,

which is, of course, an entirely invisible line, much

like the one our world within revolves around—although

there are things that can bring us to a complete

standstill, even start spinning us out of control,

which usually happens when we can’t say, “No,”

allowing others to have control over us—

this makes sense, given we are called to self-control,

to rule over the unruly.         

This poem appears in the new book I’m working on, about the strength of the spiritual life well lived – written in poetry, which I take to be the language best suited to speak of such things.


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