I love to walk

A walk through woods like these might not be out your front door. This photo was taken when we lived on BC’s West Coast with friends who also loved to walk, talk and be outside to feel closer to nature, to God and more in touch with themselves and their families. I miss these times, and trees so much bigger than me. There are few things as refreshing and vitalizing to my soul as a good walk through beauty God made.


Published by Dayna E. Mazzuca

Contemplative Christian Poet, Author & Speaker

One thought on “I love to walk

  1. Hi Dayna. I love to walk in nature as well. My wife and I are blessed to live in an area surrounded by mountains, farms, waterways, and wildlife. Five minutes walk from our home is a dike I see as the door to a gigantic blanket of nature. Right now eagles and swans are visiting with the bird life we see all year round. I find so much inspiration for my writing and photography here. Thank you for your post on walking, Dayna. Blessings, Alan Anderson

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